AW Beyers

Disclaimer: this site was created by island business design with specific requests from the client.  The client also has access to the back-end of the website, so changes may have been made by the client after website was completed by island business design.

Over time, AW Beyers started offering two distinctive services on San Juan Island – auto repair and excavation.  Their previous site did not separate the two which not only was confusing for potential customers, but also for Google.  By creating subdomains for each branch, we took care of that problem.

In addition to creating individual sites for each branch of their business, we did a complete redesign of their previous website including a color scheme change, a new logo, and simplifying their site so that potential customers were easily able to find exactly what they needed.  We were also able to get both of their services recognized by Google so that they now show up in the top options when someone is searching for these services.

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