Retainer Agreement

Looking for a Website Developer or Business Strategist, but don’t have the amount of work, funds, or resources available to hire someone in-house to do it?  Maybe you’re just starting your business and you need someone to cover multiple areas.  

This is where the retainer agreement comes in.

You choose the number of hours you’d like to retain me for on a monthly basis, and I’ll commit that time to you each month for a discounted monthly fee.

Why use a Retainer Agreement?

You get a guaranteed amount of prioritized service time at a discounted rate.  It’s your time to use as you need it – could be social media strategy,  website changes, or putting together a new customer service plan.  

How does it work?

Contact me so we can discuss all of your business wants and needs.  Together we will come up with the ideal number of hours per month you would like to reserve.  You will then sign a 3, 6, or 12 month contract and at the beginning of each month, you will pay in advance for those discounted hours.  

Ready to get started?

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