Your Website.

Your website should be something you are proud to share with potential customers.  It should work for you when you’re not working.  It should create a memorable customer experience.

Is your website working for you?

Get the perfect website for your business.

With Island Business Development, you don’t just get a web designer, but you get a website developer.

You don’t just get a visually attractive site, but you get a site that is specifically built around the goals of your business.

And we have personalized packages and payment plans available so that no matter your budget, you can have a website that you can be proud of! 

So quit trying to DIY it or stressing out your employees by making them take on the role of webmaster, and let us save you time (and stress), and get the job done right.

(And just a little FYI, by doing the DIY thing, you might be paying more than you need to for upgrades and services you don’t actually need… you wouldn’t believe how many times I see this happen!)

Don’t forget, if you currently have a website, you can sign up for a free website audit to get an idea of what kind of changes you could implement to make your site even better!

Website Packages and Prices

The truth is, your website is like a rare little snowflake.  It shouldn’t be just like anyone else’s.  It should be unique to your business, your customers, and your needs.  While it might share some things in common with other sites out there (maybe you really like the look and feel of a certain site), it will still be one of a kind.

So, while I could come up with nice little packages to choose from with prices reflecting number of pages, forms, and site types, I don’t really feel like your website should be minimized to fit into a category.

However, as a consumer, I’m also a big fan of knowing what I’m getting into.  So, I have outlined some services and price ranges below to give you an idea. 

But, I think that by us working together and knowing your budget, we can come up with exactly what you need (and that can’t really be found in a pre-planned package).

Basic Website.

Price Range $250- $2,500+

This would include single page sites, personal sites, organization sites, business sites, fundraising sites, event announcement & invitation pages, landing& sales pages, opt-in pages,  & blogs.

Specialty Website.

Price Range $2,000-$5,000+

This would include a membership site or e-commerce site to sell products.  Many of these sites are created in tandem with a basic site.  This price range includes everything.

Website Services.

Price Range $50-$500+

This would include things like initial setup, analytics, SEO, making your site responsive (or be user friendly across all platforms – computer, tablet, mobile), integrating a list building tool…

For the DIYer.  Maybe you’re not ready to hire someone to develop and design your website, but you need something to start with.  We can put together a style sheet for you that will guide you when you’re creating your website.  It includes a logo, sub-mark, favicon, color palette, and fonts.  See an example of a style sheet HERE.

Get your style sheet and create a professional website: $197

We also offer a monthly membership service where we will perform site back-ups, keep your site and plugins updated, and run analytics for you so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

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